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People who fight over girls/boys/ is actually quite humorous. I mean, come on, I’ve seen fights funnier than those—Like that fight at my school over a drink.

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Quotes from the Elder Teen

》originally posted on my DeviantART page《

Here are some original quotes I had felt appear in my intuition. I feel like one with such wisdom at my school that I almost feel like the eldest teen, hence my title Elder Teen, though I am 16-years-old.  Feel free to use them in self-motivation and/or school projects. 


"Never had I open my eyes to see the truth…" — TangerineHat

"Clearly [you] have no past experience on being a ‘browbeat’.  To be successful in your naive collections you need to make one cry, not croak with laughter." — TangerineHat

"Don’t thank me.  Thank yourself for having me there to help you.  You’re just insignificant with yourself that you only want something out of me.  You’ll get that and be my number one guest— though you’ll most likely regret that." —TangerineHat (my thoughts on a real-life bully at school)

"Every morning a feel a chill seeping through my pores.  I dress as I get ready for Hell’s sanctuary. I enter his chambers and immediately I’m met with Satan’s icy winds whislt carrying the unforgiving souls of immortality." —TangerineHat.

"I’m only successful because of my stressful past and those moments when suicidal actions were necessary.  Never I want to rid myself of this planet. Those two times of attempted suicide only left me alive and thankful that… I survived 16 years." —TangerineHat.

"Honestly… I feel an older, much wiser, soul inside of my carcass.  I thank ‘her’ for the support." —TangerineHat.

"I’ll show the world.  I’ll live differently and THEN I’LL SHOW THEM.  I shall swallow my proudest treasure and pump my arm of dominance in the air and chant my motto: Long Live Loners!  Let the world know of us!" —TangerineHat. 


That’s pretty much it I have, my wonderful, talented watchers.  You all are granted with a power that the average human being can’t even obtain without releasin a single welp. I wish you all a wonderful day. Stand up and be strong. 

We’ve all been there in life.  I know I had.  We learn like an organism whose adaption needs improvement.   I’ve emotionally dealt with my mistakes, errors, and just plain old drama.  My family and I are tight and close to one another.  I must use my emotionally handled past to help me move on in life.

- TangerineHat 

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